Monday, January 29, 2007

Texas Window for a Texas Sculptor

This window was delivered today and will be displayed in John Bennett's Rodeo Studio and Gallery located at 208 E. San Antionio St. in wonderful Fredericksburg, Texas. John does beautiful bronze sculptures with a western theme and commissioned this window for the front of his gallery. The building has a historical designation so he has submitted an application to the Historical Board to be able to permanently install the piece which would eliminate the styles that show through the image. Hopefully the committee will approve but if they don't I suppose it can be displayed as you see it here. Stop in and see John if you are in Fredericksburg.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

"Head Em Up - Move Em Out"

Here is my latest piece and I have added some reverse painting to enhance the detail. Because the painting is on the back of the glass, when it is applied to the mosaic it is sealed between two pieces of glass making it totally protected. In the past I have used this technique only for detail such as veining on leaves etc. but this is a new approach. I have also used a dark sky this time to add to the drama of the piece.
It is interesting that in this photo there is more reflected light and most of the lighter purple pieces in the sky seem to disappear!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Fall Leaves for the North Carolina Mountains

Here are two windows that I just completed for our daughter and son in law's home in the North Carolina mountains. They are depictions of the fall colors to blend with the earth tones used in the design of the home. These two upper windows allowed bright sunlight to heat up the room. Adding the multiple layers of glass should diffuse the light and keep the room more comfortable. We stayed for 3 days but the weather was overcast the entire time which did not give us the opportunity to see how well they work!
The overcast days also kept me from taking very effective photos! The installation process was a two man job because of the height of the openings.
The windows will also be a good addition to the look of the exterior when it is dark outside and the home is lighted inside. (No photos - sorry!)