Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Colorful Oak Meadow"

This is probably my favorite new piece. It has many subtle colors in it including shades of gold, bronze, lavender, orange, and green. Outside dimensions are approx. 16" x 27". It is opaque but has several layers of texture and glass.

"Glowing Oak"

This piece is dimensional but does not allow light to be transmitted through it. The greens are more toward the grey and brown tones and are not as bright as some of my previous pieces. The small rocks at the base of the plants are polished jade. The outside dimensions of this piece are approx. 15 1/2" square.

"Lavender and Peach"

This piece is dimensional but does not have a layer of glass over the image. It measures approx. 15 1/2" x 28". There is an area of clear textured glass between the inside edge of the frame and the image area. Light does not pass through this piece. Because the surface is somewhat shimmery it reflects the flash from the camera which makes it difficult to see the detail in this piece. I have included the detail photo to help with that.


This is a new piece that measures approx. 10 3/4" square so I guess it doesn't really qualify as one of my minatures but it was created using that same technique. The background is clear glue chip glass with the plants added to the surface. There is another layer of glass containing the larger yuccas in the foreground and there are additional layers to depict depth. The pieces that create the border up against the frame are beutiful beige/tan mother of pearl. The first photo shows light passing through the piece and the other two photos are with mostly reflected light.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

"Infinity" 3D Sculptural Piece

This is a new piece that is sculptural as well as functional. The top onethird can function as a vase. It was created using hundreds of vintage glass and crystal jewels. The largest portion of the bottom has an infinity effect. Each round glass piece that you look into shows a magnification of all of the jewels! You can see some of this effect in the detail photos. This piece is definately a departure from the other pieces that I have been doing. Tell me what you think.