Thursday, December 06, 2012

"Texas Proud" - glass on glass mosaic stained glass window

This is another window that will be shown at Artisans of Rocky Hill Gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas after Dec. 14th.  I make this design quite often - always a little different -with different glass, rhinestones, and beads.

"Floral Explosion" - glass on glass mosaic window

Here is a new 24 x 24 inch Texas wildflower window.  This one will be available at Artisans of Rocky Hill Gallery after Dec 14th.  This detail photo shows the many different materials incorporated into the design.


"Don't Bug Me"- glass on glass mosaic stained glass window

This multi layer window features colorful sunflowers surrounded by a patchwork border.  If you look closely you may be able to spot a few bugs etched into some of the clear and yellow glass in the border.  The detail photo below allows you to better see the different layers of the glass.


Angel Window - glass on glass mosaic window

A client ordered a commission window of an angel.  I was apprehensive about attempting this since I have never depicted a human figure in my work.  As it turns out, I am happy with the results and am looking forward to trying more of this type of piece in the future.
This detail photo shows the use of many different types of glass beads and rhinestones.


Large Glass on Glass mosaic window of a parrot

This commission window was a definate challenge because it is such a departure from the usual Texas subject matter that I usually do.  It was made as a Christmas gift for a couple's home in Mexico.  It was a lot of fun to do something so different!

As you can see in this detail photo I used small seed beads to help define the image. 

Glass on glass mosaic tryptic - Texas wildflowers and birds.

This was a commission for three windows to hang side by side in openings with about four inches between the windows.
The left window contains Texas wildflowers and a male Cardinal.

The middle window has a continuation of the wildflowers and features a Painted Bunting and a hummingbird.

The right window continues the wildflower field and contains a Robin.

This shows how the windows look side by side.


Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Courting - Glass on Glass Mosaic Stained Glass Window

This window depicts a pair of cardinals - I used a little artistic license to make the female more colorful than normal.  The leaves on the tree are enhanced with the placement of green glass vintage rhinestones.  In this detail photo you can see the use of small seed beads to outline and enhance the birds.

Standing Tall - Glass on Glass Multilayer stained glass window

Multilayer Glass on Glass Mosiac window.  The tree trunk and branches are on the second layer which is recessed about one half inch behind the front layer.  The foliage is created with piles of beach glass with seed beads applied.  There are other groups of leaves created the same way and applied to the front layer which also contains the border.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Texas Scape - Glass on Glass Mosaic Stained Glass Window

This window illustrates many of the features of the Texas Hill Country including cactus, bluebonnets, indian paintbrushes, fences, river, hills and the fabulous sunsets.

Glorious Texas - Glass on Glass Mosaic Window

This design features the colors of the Texas flag, sunflowers, purple cone flowers, indian paintbrushes, indian blankets, and bluebonnets.

Boot Bouquet in the Round-Multilayer Glass on Glass Mosaic

Another of the Boot Bouquets but this time the border is round.  It is multilayer and the background glass is clear so what is showing through is the cement driveway.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Here is a new window that was created with rhinestones, beads, and glass.  There is no grout so the piece is very bright and sparkly.  It is also very dimensional with the use of larger rhinestones and layering.  A few months ago I decided to try doing some Zentangles to encourage my creativity.  I found the process to be very frustrating and not enjoyable at all!  Now I realize that this new form of window without the grout resembles glass zentangles!

Commission glass on glass mosaic window

This is a new window that was created for friends.  They have a recessed opening above kitchen cabinets that was designed to house a television in the kitchen.  They reconfigured the kitchen and didn't want to use the opening for the TV so they installed remote controlled lighting and put this window in the opening.
This detail photo in the sun shows how the glass sparkles and transmits the sunlight.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Seeking Shelter - large mosaic stained glass window

This window is 24 inches wide and 36 inches tall.  The rabbits in the lower left corner were supposed to be Texas jack rabbits but for some reason just came out looking like cute little bunnies.

Here is a detail photo of the bunnies!  You can also see the use of brass findings in the border of the piece.

Twice the Beauty - multiple layer mosaic stained glass window

Another 24 x 24 multilayer beaded tree.

Hummer Portrait - glass on glass mosaic stained glass window

This small window has a very detailed border made with small vitreous glass tiles, mother of pearl rectangles, multiple colors and shapes of vintage rhinetones, and multiple sizes and colors of beads.
Below is a detail photo of the piece.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Razzle Dazzle - glass on glass window with no grout

This window was completed several months ago but I never put photos on this site.  It is unusual because it was not grouted.  All of the glass, beads, and rhinestones are adhered with adhesive and no grout was used.  It is very bright and sparkly - although that doesn't show in this photo.  the background is completely clear so the grey you see is actually the cement driveway that I set it on to shoot the photos.

Here is a detail so you can see more of the construction of the piece.

Boot Bouquet - glass on glass mosaic window

Here is a new boot window that will be shown at Artisans in Fredericksburg.  It has two layers.  The border, boot, and a few of the flowers and leaves are on the front layer.  The second layer is recessed about an inch behind the front and contains most of the flowers.  This piece measures 24 inches by 24 inches.

The detail photo below is just the flowers and hopefully shows more of the dimension - you are able to see where the front pieces of glass overlap the ones on the second layer.  Also this shows the use of beads for the sunflower centers.

Friday, February 03, 2012

A Couple of new windows - Glass on glass mosaics

I took a little break from my mosaic work.  I wanted to concentrate on family for the holidays.  Christmas with the family was wonderful but I found I was getting grumpy and unsettled.  Guess what - as soon as I started working with my glass again my whole attitude improved.  I am trying to use a lot of color and be a little more creative.  This will be a wonderful year!

More photos will follow soon!