Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Texas" a multi layer glass piece

This is a two layer piece that measures 7" tall and 16" in length. The front layer contains the border, a couple of bluebonnets on each side and the word "Texas" in gold beads.

This closeup shows more of the detail and how the flowers are created using rhinestones.  The ground is actually gold leaf applied to the back of the second layer of glass.  All of the additional bluebonnets and indian paintbrush flowers are actually on a second layer of clear glass that has been recessed about a 1/4" behind the front layer. 
This angled photo may allow you to see the separation between the two layers.  This piece is best shown when lighted from both the front and the back and changes in appearance with different lighting environments.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

"Spring Beauty Pageant" - Mosaic Window demonstrating more uses of rhinestones and beads

Here is another 16"x 20" floral window.   It features bluebonnets, indian paintbrush, indian blanket, and sunflowers.
In this detail shot it is easy to identify the use of several different materials.  There are three different types of beads used in the border.  They have all been added while strung so they are standing up on their side.  After attaching them with adhesive I remove the string.  More E beads have been used in the background between the flowers.  These have been sprinkled on adhesive and most show the hole which fills up with grout - a few are on their sides so they don't show the hole.  Many different types of rhinestones have been used in the creation of the flowers.  They are always glued down with the flat surface (this is usually the front of a stone) of the rhinestone adhered to the background glass.

Monday, August 01, 2011

One More Garden Ornament - a Table Squiggle

I couldn't resist showing one more Garden Squiggle that I made to give my sister for a small house warming gift.  This was created using a metal lamp base with an old vase attached.  I then used 16 gauge steel wire and plastic beads to make the squiggles.

I can see this sitting on a patio table - although it could also be put in a garden or flowerbed.  Glass beads could be used and they would hold up to the weather for a much longer time.