Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Almost Sunset"

This is another multi-layer piece with a traditional mosaic border. It measures approximately 11"x14" and can be displayed on an easel. There are 5 layers of glass in the distant hills. The oak tree and the larger yuccas are on the top surface glass (along with the mosaic border) and the distant yuccas and sun are on an additional layer that is spaced about 1/4" behind that . The hills are created with a couple of other layers added to the back of that layer. It is frustrating because the various layers and depth do not show in photos. Because I use a lot of iridized and metallic colors there also tends to be a lot of glare in the photos.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"Dragonfly Dance"

Here is a new multilayer piece that was created with stained glass, fused dichroic glass, glass pearls, vintage rhinestones and glass seed beads. The large dragonfly and the bubbles surrounding it are applied to a background of translucent stained glass. The additional four dragonflys and the decorative border are all applied to the front glass to create the dimensional effect. Depending on how this piece is displayed - either on an easel in front of a light source, or hung on the wall the background glass is opaque as in these photos or it can take on more of a golden glow when backlit.