Saturday, January 23, 2010

Graham windows installed

The windows are finally installed. They will have a carpenter build in molding around them on the top and sides. My only regret is how much the dividers in the original windows detract from the image.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Graham Windows

I have finally finished this commission - it's been quite a job but I am pleased with the results. The two windows measure 33 inches wide by 43 inches tall each. They are a continuing scene that will be installed above a bathroom garden tub. The left window has two doves in the tree and the right one has a robin on the ground and a bluebird in the tree. The lake appears in both windows. The border includes mother of pearl tiles, beige moonstones, and beads. The image area is made with stained glass, vintage rhinestones, polished rocks, glass beads, etc. My first three photos are of details and the last two photos show the complete windows. I will try to post photos of these windows once they are installed.