Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oppenheimer Commission Window

This is the first large piece that I have made using multiple layers. It is approx. 45 inches tall and 22 inches wide. The frame was built with two separate channels to slide clear sheets of glass into. The two sheets of glass are separated by about an inch of space. On the first layer I used stained glass, vitreous glass tiles, vintage rhinestones, and glass beads to create the foreground with wildflowers and the tree trunk and branches. Small glass leaves were also added to this layer. The second layer consists of a lake in the distance surrounded by small bushes and trees with purple hills in the background. It also has many various shades of green glass shards to depict additional tree leaves. The front layer of glass was grouted in the frame. The second layer was completed and grouted on a table and then inserted into the frame. The fourth side of the frame was slid in place and attached. The one photo I have included with the piece lying on a table is the best attempt I have to show the layers. In a photo the image looks flat but it is very dimentional and changes as you walk from side to side viewing it.