Monday, September 26, 2011

Hill Country Sunset - mosaic stained glass window

I haven't made a "Hill Country Sunset" window in a couple of years so decided it was time again.  This one has a lot of golds and purples in it.  It is 36 inches tall and 24 inches wide and will be shown at Artisans of Rocky Hill Gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas beginning today.

The detail photo shows the use of beads and rhinestones as well as some beautiful art glass and some glass that has been painted with alcohol inks.

Texas Liveoak Window - multilayer mosaic stained glass window

This is my latest 24 x 24 Oak Tree window.  It has two layers with the border, foreground and some of the tree foliage on the front layer.  The back layer is the grass surrounding the base of the tree, the tree  trunk and branches, and much of the foliage.

This photo shows a more detailed closeup of some of the rhinestones and beads used in the window.
This detail photo may allow you to see that there are two layers of leaves (beads) creating the foliage of the oak tree.

Grape and Hummingbird window installed - glass on glass mosaic stained glass window

This is what the Hummingbird and Grapes window looks like installed.  We designed the window to set outside the opening so we could utilize as much of the light as possible.  We hung it using a piano hinge on the top.  That way it can be lifted up to clean the window behind it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Springtime Sunshine - Glass on glass mosaic window

This is a new 24" x 24" landscape window that I started at my demo at Artisans of Rocky Hill Gallery the first weekend of this month.  At the demo I completed the border and all of the flowers in the foreground.  I completed it when I returned home.  The border is made with vitreous glass tiles, beads, and rhinestones.  The tree leaves are both stained glass and several different colors of navette shaped rhinestones.  The wire on the fence was created with very small clear seed beads.  and the bluebonnets were created with several different rhinestones.

These photos show a little more of the detail.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Grandma's Red Roof - a mlti layer glass on glass mosiac window

I apologize for the quality of this photo but this piece was finished at a demo that I did at Artisans gallery this past weekend and I only had a phone to take a photo.  It is 24 x 24 and has two layers.  The front layer contains the trees, border, and all the ground work up to the fence.  The second layer is the house, sun and surrounding plantings.

This is what the window looks like when there is no light coming through it.  It was just propped up against a wall.