Friday, August 22, 2008

Large Bluebonnet Vase

This piece measures about 13" tall and is about 8" across at the widest point. The bluebonnets contain many different types and sizes of rhinestones and teh bottom area is painted with glass enamels.

"Lavender Yuccas"

This piece is very difficult to photograph. It has a mosaic border and a multi layer transparent image area. It measures 15" square.

"Pink Flowers on Parade"

This window measures 16 inches wide by 20 inches tall. The border is made up of vitreous glass tiles and rhinestones. The image area is multi layer glass with flowers created with glass enamenls, stained glass, glass beads, and dichroic glass fused flower centers.

Yucca Field

This piece is created with a mosaic border, an embelished mat, and the image area in the center is multi-layer glass that light will pass through. It has a total of 4 layers of glass in some areas.

New Group of Minatures

Here are a few more minatures that feature Texas Yuccas and Bluebonnets. To get an idea of the sizes, the small pieces are 2"x2".

Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Fantasy Flowers" and "Four Seasons"

"Fantasy Flowers" is a small window. The flower centers are fused dichroic glass and the large glass tiles in the border are thick cast glass pieces made by Chicago Art Glass. The rest of the border is made up of vitreous glass tiles and transparent glass agate stones.

"Four Seasons" is one of my opaque pieces. The mosiac border contains beautiful mother of pearl tiles. The image was created with glass enamel paints, metallic powders, glass seed beads, and very small no-hole beads from China.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

3 New Pieces - All different techniques!

This first piece titled "Bonnets, Brushes, and Sunflowers" is one of my glass on glass mosaics that is displayed like a stained glass window. The Bluebonnets are made with stained glass and vintage rhinestones. The Indian Paintbrushes are made with stained glass and vintage glass agate stones. The centers of the sunflowers are fused dichroic glass. There are polished christophase rocks at the base of the flower stems.

The next piece titled "Oak and Yuccas" is a combination of techniques. The border is mosaic glass tiles and glass beads. This portion of the piece has been grouted. The center image of the oak tree which is on clear glass has been painted using glass enamels and the leaves are made with glass seed beads. This image spills over on the mat also. After framing the piece an additional image of yucca plants has been added to the front surface using stained glass, glass enamels, and vintage rhinestones. Because light can come through the center of the piece it changes dramatically depending on the lighting conditions.

The last piece titled "Jade Tree" is made up of jade-like vintage leaves, stained glass and rhinestones. Although it is not apparent in the photo, the glass around the image is clear and has a mosaic border that is transparent. Light cannot pass through the image of the tree but comes through the border.