Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Texas" a multi layer glass piece

This is a two layer piece that measures 7" tall and 16" in length. The front layer contains the border, a couple of bluebonnets on each side and the word "Texas" in gold beads.

This closeup shows more of the detail and how the flowers are created using rhinestones.  The ground is actually gold leaf applied to the back of the second layer of glass.  All of the additional bluebonnets and indian paintbrush flowers are actually on a second layer of clear glass that has been recessed about a 1/4" behind the front layer. 
This angled photo may allow you to see the separation between the two layers.  This piece is best shown when lighted from both the front and the back and changes in appearance with different lighting environments.


Anonymous said...


Is there any chance you can post a photo of what the back of this piece looks like? I'd love to see that.

Raul Capeda said...

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