Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Texas Wildfower Line Dance"

Thinking about spring....this wildflower window is 24"x24" and features Indian Paintbrush, Bluebonnets, and Sunflowers. The border has some interesting iridized and glitter tiles. The flowers are created using stained glass and many different types of vintage rhinestones.
This will be shown at "Artisans of Rocky Hill Gallery" in Fredericksburg, Texas in February.

"Turquois and Gold"

Photos of this window were taken outside and inside against a cream colored wall. The background is clear glass so the beautiful blue skies of Texas showed through. The foreground trees are made using all sizes of purple, black and topaz vintage rhinestones. The background trees are detailed with seed beads and backed with gold stained glass. The foreground contains stained glass, grouted pebbles, seed beads, turquois, and gold leaf. The border was created with Chicago art glass tiles, vitreous glass tiles, silver beads, vintage rhinestones, and turquois rhinestones. It measures approx. 20" wide and 28" tall with a rough cedar frame.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"The Picnic Spot"

This is a large landscape - 24" x 36". The frame is made of rough cedar. The image was created using both new and vintage stained glass and vintage rhinestones. The sun is an unusually large rhinestone with dark brown streaks in the glass.

Small Blue Poka Dot Vase

This little vase is 8" tall. The poka dots have been created using vintage rhinestones and seed beads.

Butterfly Vase

This piece is 10" tall and 3" square. The butterfly images are all hand etched and then the vintage topaz stones have been applied.

Thursday, January 08, 2009


A new floral featuring violets created with stained glass, glass enamels, and vintage rhinestones. There are two layers of violets and the piece measures 8" wide by 10" tall.

"Tobacco Beetle"

Multilayer piece with an etched beetle embellished with rhinestones and glass enamels. The border contains very interesting gold foiled vintage rhinestones along with metallic vitreous glass tiles. It measures 6 1/2" by 8"

"Tiny Pink Bouquet"

Multilayer small piece measuring 7 1/2" wide and 9" tall. The border includes colorful glitter tiles and the flowers are vitage glass stones, glass beads and glass enamels. The tablecloth has a hand etched detail.

2 More Sunflower pieces

These two pieces both measure 9 1/2" wide and 11 1/2" tall. They both have border made of glitter tiles and vitreous glass tiles and on both the sunflowers have been created in two layers with rhinestones, beads and glass enamel paint. The tablecloth details have been hand etched and backed with another layer of stained glass.


"Dragonfly" measures 7 inches square. It has painted leaves and a rhinestone flower on the top layer with a border made of metallic vitreous glass tiles and opal vintage rhinestones. The dragonfly is hand etched on the second layer of iridized glass and has been embellished with vintage rhinestones. The background is a layer of brown stained glass.

Three new minis

These are similar to many that I create. There are some new glitter tiles in the borders of two. The yucca piece also has some beautiful tan mother of pearl tiles in the border. The second bluebonnet piece has vitreous glass tiles and opal vintage stones in the border.

"Balloon Bouquet"

This piece has more of a contemporary feel and is 7 1/2" wide and 9" tall. The border contains some unique vintage rhinestones that have imbedded crystals in their centers. The balloons are vintage rhinestones and are on two different layers of glass. There is a third layer of pale blue glass behind the tablecloth. The tablecloth and the balloon strings are etched into the glass with silver paint details added.

Friday, January 02, 2009

"Texas Bluebonnets"

This border is created (glass on glass) using vitreous glass tiles and vintage rhinestones. The piece measures approximately 11" by 14" and is designed to be displayed on an easel in varying lighting situations. The image area is multiple layers and is created with glass enamels, vintage rhinestones, stained glass, turquois nuggets, and a dichroic sun/moon.

"Sunny Field"

Another sunflower piece - 12" tall and 15" wide. It has the glass on glass mosaic border and a multilayer glass image area. The two layers of sunflowers are separated by about 1/2". The flowers are created usinig glass enamels, stained glass, vintage rhinestones, and glass beads. This piece can be placed in a window or displayed on an easel in various lighting situations. (both front and backlit)

"Standing Tall"

"Standing Tall" measures 12" wide and is 15" tall. It has a traditional glass on glass mosaic border and a multilayer central image area. The two layers of flowers are created with glass enamels, stained glass, vintage rhinestones, and glass beads. The two layers have about 1/2" between so two of the flowers are behind the other two. (The dimension doesn't show too well in the photo).

Large Sunflower Vase

This vase measures approximately 15" tall and is 5" square at the top. The design is created with glass enamels, additional layers of stained glass, vintage rhinestones, and glass beads.

Bluebonnet Apothecary Jar

This jar is approximately 19"tall. It is decorated with glass enamel paint and vintage rhinestones to represent the Texas state flower.