Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Summer Hummer II" and "Small Bullseye"

Two new windows that will be shown at Artisans in Fredericksburg. "Summer Hummer II" has some interesting materials. The center of the flowers are fused dichroic glass and change colors with the angle they are viewed. The border is made up of rectangle polished mother of pearl tiles and vintage glass jewels colored to resemble coral.
This small "Bullseye" piece has cats eye centers in the bullseyes and there is also fracture/streamer glass in the image area rather than the clear glass I have used in the past.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kathleen,

I just happened to stumble upon your blog and was blown away by your work. I am a stained glass artist in Mississippi and have always worked in traditional 2d windows and doors.

I recently began playing with ideas of working in 3 dimensions and was wondering if you would mind telling me what you are using to adhere your cut glass to the background glass.

Thanks so much,

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