Saturday, February 02, 2013

Easter in Texas - a glass on glass mosaic stained glass window

This is a new mosaic stained glass window that will be shown in Artisans Gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas.  It measures 24inches by 24 inches.  It features a Texas jack rabbit and our prickly pear cactus.  Easter in Texas looks more like this than tulips and bunnies!



Herb said...

It's beautiful! Mosaic stained glass windows rocks! They add instant elegance to a room even in its simplest design. And also, it's the easiest way to customize your window without spending much.

Herb Koguchi

Joann Winton said...

Picture windows are great home adornments if there's no sight-worthy view outside it. But regardless if there are nice view outside your home or none, a house should have at least one for ventilation and natural illumination.
( Joann Winton @ )

Merrill Pride said...

It's nice, windows like these are commonly found in a church or museum, and usually function as artwork to be admired at, rather than a window. But I agree with Joan, a stylish or artistic window design would compensate the lack of a good outdoor view. What matters is, you have a window that would be let the sunlight and air in.
Merrill @