Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Lazy Mans Aquarium"

This piece was fun to create - very whimsical. It could be displayed in a window or against a wall. I have photographed it both in a window and against a beige wall. You can see how the image casts shadows against the wall. The border is two sections of grouted mosaic tile edged with glass beads. The clear section between is dotted with vintage rhinestones surrounded by glass beads. These seem to "float" like bubbles. The fish are on a back layer of clear iridized water glass. It is recessed about 1/2" behind the front glass which contains the floating grasses. The fish are decorated with rhinestones, beads, milifiori, etc. They each have red "kissy" lips. This would be a fun piece for a bathroom window or wall. It measures about 16" x 20".


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