Sunday, June 19, 2011

More Mosaic Techniques

When I begin a mosaic I start with a framed piece of clear glass.  If I want to usse a pattern it is attached to the back of the glass and then my mosaic pieces are applied to the front of the glass using a couple of types of adhesive.

This is the completed glass on glass mosaic window created from the pattern above.

Today I am showing the types of adhesives that I use for my glass on glass mosaic technique.  The first type is GE clear silicone.  The advantages for this adhesive is that the pieces stay in place when positioned.  I put adhesive on the back of each piece as I attach it.  Two hints:  always use enough adhesive to get a complete seal between the two pieces of glass.  If you don't - when you grout the piece grout will creep under the pieces and you will see it when the window is held up to the light.

The second type of adhesive that I use Is Mac Glue.  You can purchase it from mosaic supply stores or online.  This glue is thin, clear, and extremely strong and I use it to attach beads and rhinestones to my pieces.  I don't use it under large pieces because it takes too long to dry and leaves bubbles etc.

 OK - log on tomorrow for more of my techniques!  Have a great Father's Day!!

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