Monday, June 20, 2011

Mosaic Supplies

Photo of a class working on their first project.

Photo of one of my windows installed in a permanent location.

There are many different types of material that I use for my mosaics.  Because most of my work is displayed like stained glass windows, the pieces used must transmit light.  There are a few exceptions to that which I will discuss in a later post.

Stained glass pieces- This can be purchsed in bulk by the pound at many Stained Glass stores as well as online.  This is the main material that I use for my creations.  It can be cut to size for design elements, cut into uniform pieces to fill in images or backgrounds, or just used in random pieces.  Stained glass is what gives my windows their brilliant colors!!!

 Glass Globs - these come in various sizes and colors and can be purchased at hobby stores or online.  They work especially well for borders.

Glitter tiles - These tiles are pretty much opaque but are small and also make wonderful borders.

Gravel - can be either opaque or translucent.  I use gravel in some of my pieces to represent rocks.

More supplies will be shown tomorrow.

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