Friday, June 24, 2011

Mosaic Techniques - the use of rhinestones and beads in glass on glass mosaic windows

This morning I thought that I would take a few mins. to show in more detail how I incorporate both rhinestones and beads in my windows.
This window is titled "Floral Delight" and is a good example of the use of many rhinestones and beads.

The border was created using glass tiles, strings of large seed beads, blue moonstones, coral glass flatback rhinestones, and round mother of pearl jewelry findings.  As you experiment with different materials it is amazing how many will actually transmit llight!

The background was filled in with triangles nipped from Iridescent clear stained glass and iridescent rhinestones were added randomly.

Note how the sunflowers have rhinestone centers surrounded with large seed beads and navette rhinestones in complermentary colors were added to the stained glass petals.

You can see the use of rhinestones in the creation of the Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush flowers.  All rhinestones are always applied flat surface down which makes many of them upside down.  You still get the sparkle effect of the facets! 

Lastly, note the use of nipped stained glass and rows of large seed beads in the groundwork.
I hope this series of photos helps show my use of both the rhinestones and beads.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to show some of how you create your amazing artwork! I only wish I could see you do this in person! I've fallen in love with working in glass on glass this past year as well, but don't create anywhere near your detail or style.

I'm curious as to how you mount the multiple glass pieces to each other (the '3-D' that are multi-layer.) Are you setting them apart from each other in the frame? or are they lying atop each other directly?