Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mosaic Technique - Grouting

Today I am adding a few suggestions about the grouting processs.  I use poly sanded grout on most of my work.  I purchase it at Home Depot and I prefer the Pewter color.  I find this color works best for windows because it most closely resembles the color of leading in traditional stained glass windows.  Mix the grout very thick - almost too stiff to stir.  Do this in a plastic glass with a plastic spoon and you can just throw out the left overs. 
Before I grout I use painter's tape to block off the areas that I don't want to get grout on.

This photo shows the "Oak Beauty" back layer taped off so I can grout just the tree trunk and the ground area.

This photo shows the front (border) glass masked off with painter's tape and ready for grouting.
Here is the border area with the grout applied. ( Before wiping down).  Be sure to rub the grout into all of the spaces.  Let it sit for 10 or 15 mins. and then just wipe down with dry paper towels.  I never use a wet sponge - just introduces more water and can cause problems.

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