Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Building a Grape and Hummingbird Transom Window continued.....

Once I had the first border glued down I put a printed grid underneath the clear glass to guide my placement of the lattace strips.

I began placing the grape leaves and grape clusters in place to decide placement and layout before gluing anything in place.

Here is the right side of the piece almost completely glued in place.

This shows what the front layer looked like completed and ready for grouting.

Next I created the second layer on another piece of glass.  On this layer I will only grout the hummingbirds.  After grouting both pieces this layer will be recessed on the back about 1/2 inch by using clear glass strips to separate both layers.

After grouting and assembly - here is a detail of the left side of the completed window.

Once again .....this is the finished piece!

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