Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fanciful Oak - Multilayer Tree Mosaic Window

Here is a closeup of the border after grouting.  Notice the use of tiles, brass jewelry findings, rhinestones, and beads.  I used a string of large seed beads as the interior border so that creates an edge for the grout to seal to.

This is what the front layer looks like after the border has been grouted and the leaves have been added to the clear glass center.  The background is actually clear glass and the curved lines you see are only in my glass door that the piece rested against for the photo.

This is what the second layer looks like before it is added to the front.  The tree trunks and ground is grouted.  The background is textured clear glass.

Here is the finished window after both layers are put together.

This photo shows a little of the dimension.

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